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Ship One Container Metal Pall Ring to European Market


The metal pall ring is a type of random tower packing used in chemical and industrial processes involving mass transfer operations like absorption, distillation, and stripping.
It has a cylindrical shape with several windows or openings on the surface. These windows increase the surface area of the packing, allowing for better contact between the liquid and gas phases. This promotes effective mass transfer between the two phases, enhancing the efficiency of the process.
Metal pall rings are commonly used in distillation columns, absorption towers, and scrubbers. They are suitable for applications where high capacity and low-pressure drop are desired. Some specific industries where you might find metal pall rings include chemical manufacturing, petrochemical production, oil refining, and environmental engineering.
Today we would like to share an order for 316L Metal Pall Rings.
The client is from Europe area, and their client needs to use 50mm metal pall ring in engineering projects. When we received the drawings sent by the customer and carefully studied some parameters of the metal pall ring required by the end customer, we finally found that it was not much different from our National Standard metal pall ring. After communicating back and forth with the client and considering their concerns, we have also provided them with our drawings and parameter comparisons. At the same time, regarding technical issues, our sales personnel have also maintained close contact with customers. After several months of detailed communication, the client finally achieved the tender order.
The following are some detailed pictures of the shipment, which also laid the foundation for us to win a successful case in the European market.


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