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Molecular sieve to Europe customer


It is said that gold nine silver ten is a harvest season. In September, OIM Chemical received some orders from new and regular customers.
Today we are talking about a new customer, who is a trader from Europe. The customer homepage is related to the sales of desiccants and adsorbents. And has nearly 20 years of experience in the European region.
The sales of OIM has been in good contact with customers since last year. However, due to various reasons, we have not been able to cooperate. In August this year, the customer was impressed by the sincerity and professionalism of our sales staff, and finally decided to give us a trial order of some tons of molecular sieve. Thanks for the trust of our customer. At the same time, we will solve all problems for customers with stable quality and professional service.
What is molecular sieve? What’s the function of molecular sieve?

Molecular sieve 4A is a kind of aluminosilicate, which can adsorb molecules with diameter less than 4A such as water and CO2, and its selective adsorption performance for water is higher than that of any other molecule. It is the largest molecular sieve used in industry. It is widely used for drying gas and liquid, and also for refining some gas or liquid, such as argon production.
We also have other popular molecular sieves, such as molecular sieve 13x, oxygen producing molecular sieve 13x HP, lithium molecular sieve, etc. If you need, please feel free to contact us.

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