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2 pallets of Carbon molecular sieve in PSA Nitrogen plants


Carbon molecular sieve is a new type of adsorbent developed in the 1970s. It is an excellent non-polar carbon material. Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) is used to separate air and enrich nitrogen. Compared with the traditional cryogenic high pressure nitrogen production process, the low pressure nitrogen process has the advantages of less investment cost, faster nitrogen production and lower nitrogen cost. Therefore, it is the preferred pressure swing adsorption (PSA) air separation nitrogen-rich adsorbent in the engineering industry. This nitrogen is used in the chemical industry, oil and gas industry, electronics industry, food industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, cable industry, metal heat treatment , transportation and storage are widely used.
The customer from Asia is a gas equipment manufacturer. Their carbon molecular sieves that have been purchased are from Japan. Through communication with us for several months, and at the same time customers have questions about our domestic carbon molecular sieves, our Sales staff also give customers detailed answers one by one. In the end, with the vision of mutual trust and long-term cooperation, the customer placed trial order 2 pallets of carbon molecular sieve CMS220 to test the efficiency.
We are very grateful to our customers for their trust and recognition of our company. The goods have been completed and have arrived at the Shanghai warehouse, waiting for the best shipping date. We believe that our carbon molecular sieves will surely satisfy our customers. For more information on carbon molecular sieves, please contact for consultation.

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