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9 pallets of carbon molecular sieve CMS240 to KUWAIT


Jiangxi OIM Chemical received an order from a Kuwait client in March, who had been discussed about the bid for nearly a year. The end-user is Kuwait National Petroleum Company. Through the timely communication and professional service and guidance from Jiangxi OIM sales team, we finally assist customer to get the order smoothly. The nitrogen purity required by the customer is 99.5%. Due to the limitations of the pressure setting of the small testing machine, only 99.6% of the purity can be measured at present, actually our carbon molecular sieve CMS240 can reach at least 99.999%. Mass production was completed in April and is currently waiting for next week's shipment arrangement. 


How does carbon molecular sieve work in PSA nitrogen generator?
The following flowchart can show it clearly. 

At the same time, we also released the video of OIM carbon molecular sieves, you can click:
1. Carbon molecular sieve type: CMS220, CMS240, CMS260, CMS280... CMS330;
2. The N2 purity of Carbon molecular sieve: 95%~99.9995% N2;
3. Maximum working pressure: 15~16Mpa (the optimum pressure is 7.5~8.0Mpa).

Jiangxi OIM is a professional adsorbent supplier. Molecular sieves, activated alumina and ceramic balls are our main products. If you want to know more, please contact us through the following ways:

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