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Activated alumina ball for Air compressed adsorption dryer


Keywords: Activated alumina ball; 3.0-5.0mm activated alumina;
air adsorption dryer;
Dew point: -40~-70;
Application: Air compressor dryers.
        Recent month, we received many request for desiccant in air dryers, such as heat regeneration air dryer, heatless regeneration air dryer. Some asked activated alumina and some request 4A molecular sieve.
      Now we want to share one client, who contacted with us from last year. Client is mainly in the business of air compressors and offer the spares of air dryers in their local market over years. Initial they used the desiccant from Germany. After some months communication, and our technician offered a few professional data and test result, client choose to place trial order 3.0-5.0mm activated alumina to their air compressor dryers. The package is 160kgs/galvanized barrel, with longer shelf time and strongest package to keep safe by sea.
       So let’s make a simple introduction for our Activated alumina ball. Activated alumina is a kind of adsorbent, which the color is white and odorless, can adsorb the moisture from gas, and widely used in drying. Moisture removal is necessary for efficient production and fluid transport. Almost all gases and fluids can be dried with OIM Chemical Activated alumina KA401. KA401 activated alumina is also suitable for drying of industrial compressor gases. It can maintain good working performance at low dew point -40~-70. KA401 activated alumina is suitable for various sizes of compressor dryers. Also suitable for drying gases in regenerative environments (350 to 600°F) and pressure swing (PSA) environments.

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