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Team development - starting from the dream


If you don't work hard in March, April is sorrowful. In March,  OIM team worked hard day and night to seize the big data of the international platform for the whole month. Finally they achieved great results and started a successful battle. In order to strengthen everyone's cohesion and increase everyone's enthusiasm, OIM Chemical organized an event with the theme of "Starting from Dreams" for sales team on 17th April.
Everyone formed a circle, and under the guidance of the coach, they provided comfortable massage services to the front partners in an orderly manner. While busy working, I also don't forget to enjoy life. Responding to the words of Chairman Xi: Don't forget your original intention, and move forward. We will always keep in mind the company's business philosophy: "Quality First, Customer First". Serve our customers with 100% enthusiasm. Come on, OIM.

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