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Metal Cascade Mini Ring

  • Product:Metal Cascade Mini Ring
  • Brand: OIM
  • Origin of city: Pingxiang city, China
  • Shelf time: 3-5 years
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Metal Cascade Mini Ring is A new type of open-hole packing. Not only improves the gas-liquid distribution in the packing layer, but also increases the gas-liquid contact points, which is conducive to the convergence and dispersion of the liquid and the continuous renewal of the membrane surface, so that the mass transfer is enhanced. Cascade MIni Ring has thin walls, heat resistance, large gaps, reduced pressure drop,increased plant capacity,improved resistance to fouling, higher operational efficiency and With the characteristics of large volume and low resistance, it is especially suitable for vacuum distillation towers to process materials that are heat sensitive, easy to decompose, easy to polymerize, and easy to carbonize.
Technical Parameter:

Specification of Metal Cascade Min Ring
Material:SS304, 304L, 410, 316, 316L,Carbon Steel etc.
Dia (mm) D*H*T
Surface Area
Free Volume
Bulk number (pcs/m3) Bulk Density
0P 17*6*0.2 420 96 530000 265
1P 25*8*0.3 238 96.9 150000 261
1.5P 34*11*0.3 164 97.4 61000 190
2P 43*14*0.3 160 97.5 33000 178
2.5P 51*17*0.3 105 98 15700 110
3P 66*21*0.4 108 97.9 10140 136
4P 86*29*0.4 78 98.5 4310 114
Used in rectification, absorption and other reactions. It can be used in both vacuum towers and high-pressure towers. It can also be applied to mass transfer towers with different diameters.
Super sack and Wooden case.

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