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Main parameters among molecular sieve adsorbents


Molecular sieve is a widely used special adsorbent, which is a synthetic hydrated aluminosilicate (zeolite) that has the function of screening molecules. It has the characteristics of high adsorption capacity, strong selectivity, and high temperature resistance. Molecular sieve adsorbents are widely used in organic chemical and petrochemical industries, and are also excellent adsorbents for coal gas dehydration. Increasing attention has also been paid to waste water, waste gas, and purification. Here is a detailed introduction of several important technical parameters in the production process.
1. Particle size: The size of the particle size is controlled between the upper and lower limits, and the upper, lower and upper limits cannot exceed 5% if it is greater than 95%.
2. Compressive strength: The working condition of using microspheres is likely to be a large pressure difference, if the compressive strength does not meet the requirements, very easy to cause damage to the molecular sieve. In addition to affecting the application life, it may also cause congestion of the equipment pipeline. Serious results.
3. Bulk density: The bulk density of molecular sieve adsorbents is fundamentally proportional to the compressive strength. With the adsorption capacity unchanged, the larger the bulk density, the better.
4. Packed moisture content: The smaller the moisture content of the package, it means that the pre-adsorption of microspheres during storage and transportation is less. For users, in addition to eliminating unnecessary regeneration and disposal, its value is greater.

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