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How to extend the service life of Nitrogen generator


Nitrogen generators are used in many fields, such as petrochemical equipment, energy chemical plants, gas chemical plants, heat treatment processes, bright quenching, maintenance and heating, grain emerald green storage logistics, food nitrogen flushing packaging, vegetable preservation, wine sealing (can ) Load and store these. Long-term application of the nitrogen generator will cause great equipment consumption. Therefore, the nitrogen generator must be maintained in the daily operation process, and the service life of the nitrogen generator must be reasonably increased.
1. It is necessary to ensure that the refrigeration dryers, wipers and other machinery and equipment of the supporting facilities are in normal operation, and the actual operation must be carried out according to the manual. The normal operation of the gas drying equipment is particularly important to the nitrogen production equipment.
2. Check the performance parameters of the nitrogen production equipment such as purity, gas production and supply; check whether the oxygen meter (oxygen analyzer) configured in the nitrogen production equipment is working properly and whether the oxygen level needs to be dismantled and replaced.
3. The pipeline filter should be maintained regularly, and the filter element should be removed and replaced on time. The life of the filter element filter is generally 2000-4000 hours of work (depending on the air index of the machine and equipment); the active carbon filter is active Carbon 7000h must be dismantled and replaced; steam storage tanks must be treated with sewage on time.
4. If there is a lot of powder at the inlet and outlet of the carbon molecular sieve of the nitrogen generator, it indicates that embrittlement or delamination has occurred, and it needs to be handled properly, and the filling materials of the machinery and equipment should be disassembled.
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