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13x molecular sieve 1.7-2.5mm to North America


The customer is the big LPG distributor in North America. After a year of communication, the trial order was finally confirmed in early July, with 7560kgs 13x molecular sieve 1.7-2.5mm and 1500kgs 10mm ceramic balls. 
13x molecular sieve and ceramic balls is the basic adsorbents in LPG production. This is the first cooperation between us. Nowadays the transportation is very expensive and crazy by sea.
In order to guarantee the goods reached the warehouse of client in good package, we choose the steel barrel to protect our molecular sieve. Hope customer could satisfy with them.
Now let’s talk about the function of 13x molecular sieve in LPG:
13x molecular sieve adsorbing water can make the gas dry very quickly, because it’s a synthetic zeolite, which has selective adsorption charasteristics, and can simultaneously remove H2S and organic sulfur to a lower level. Based on the feedback from customers, 13x molecular sieve can also remove the CO2 in LNG, to purify N2.
Jiangxi OIM Chemical is professional manufacturer in molecular sieve and other adsorbents. If you have interest, please feel free to contact us.

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