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Plastic Ralu Ring

  • Product:Plastic Ralu Ring
  • Brand: OIM
  • Origin of city: Pingxiang city, China
  • Shelf time: 3-5 years
  • Payment of terms: TT, L/C, Western Union etc
  • Delivery of terms: By sea, by air, railways, land etc
  • Shipment terms: FCA, FOB, CFR, DAP etc
  • Delivery time: 3-7 days for common product;
  •                        Over 10 days for customized product.

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Ralu Ring was developed on the basis of the Pall ring,which increases the flow and reduces the pressure drop. Ralu ring is injection molded from high temperature and corrosion resistant materials.Ralu Ring has the advantages of large void ratio, reduced pressure, low mass transfer unit height, high flood point, sufficient gas-liquid contact, small specific gravity and high mass transfer efficiency.
Technical Parameter:
Specification of Plastic Ralu Ring
Surface Area
Free Volume
Bulk number
Bulk Density
25 190 94 53500 56
38 150 95 13500 65
50 110 95 6300 60
Used in separation, absorption and desorption device, atmospheric and vacuum distillation device, decarburization and desulfurization system, ethylbenzene, isooctane and toluene separation.
Super sack & Wooden case.

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