18 tons activated alumina to European country


10th Aug, 2020
The product parameters are as follows:
Type: Adsorbent
Product name: Activated alumina 4.0-6.0mm
Quantity: 18 tons
Purpose: Air drying

The activated alumina contract was signed by Jiangxi OIM Chemical Co., Ltd. Goods already shipped and the package is very strong, no any damage when reached to the customer’s warehouse. Mr. R has always been cooperating with OIM, and has continuous orders every year. As a distributor, he often keeps in close contact with us. He also appreciate our service attitude and quality. They said that the quality of our activated alumina can be comparable to well-known European brands.
So what is activated alumina? As an adsorbent product, activated alumina is mainly used in the adsorption and dehydration operations of various hydrocarbons, natural gas, and petroleum cracked gas. Its chemical properties are shown as being insoluble in water, having a strong affinity for water, oxides, acetic acid, alkalis, etc., non-toxic and odorless. In particular, it has strong adsorption performance for fluorine, so it is also used as a fluorine absorbent and dechlorination agent.

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