High quality ceramic structure packings to India


10th Nov, 2020
Ceramic structured chemical tower packing
Material: Ceramic
Features: high aluminum, low iron, extra white
Model: 450Y 250Y etc.
Quantity: 80m³

After one year of negotiation with the customer, the customer chose to trust Jiangxi OIM Chemical Co., Ltd to replace the ceramic structured packing. Our ceramic structured packing is mainly used in the benzyl chloride of Desulfurization tower. We fully comply with the requirements of our customers, and on the basis of ensuring quality and quantity, we also provide customers with the strongest packaging services to repay their trust in us.
OIM Chemical’s ceramic structured packing uses low-iron clay raw materials with an iron content of less than 0.3%. The height of our structured packing is 100-150mm. This height can better protect our products with the lowest crushing rate. The diameter of the product is 1100mm, which must be smaller than the inner diameter of the tower 100-150mm. Leave enough gaps to be filled with asbestos to prevent serious wear of the packing.
Jiangxi OIM chemical packing, as well as metal structured packing, all kinds of random packing are sold. Welcome customers from all over the world to call us. Please contact



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