Molecular sieve 3-5mm to European country


Date: 10th Dec, 2019
The product parameters are as follows:
Type: Adsorbent
Product name: 13x 3.0-5.0mm
Quantity: 90 tons
Uses: gas treatment, desulfurization
13x molecular sieve, also called 10A molecular sieve, plays a vital role in gas processing.
Our client Mr. Chris is an executive of a European group company, and the company has been cooperating with foreign brands before. When there was an opportunity, the customer saw a case of our OIM Chemicals supplying foreign projects, and directly contacted our salesman by telephone. We confirmed the relevant details through telephone communication and email, and finally finalized the 90 tons 13x molecular sieve replacement project after Five months’ contact always.
OIM have many types of molecular sieve zeolite, including 3a, 4a, 5a, 13x, 13x apg, oxygen molecular sieve etc. Different application correspond to different types. Any interest, please contact

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