Installation of SS316 Pall ring for Middle East Client


Date: 17th Mar, 2020
The packing parameters are as follows:
Material: SS316
Product Name: Metal Pall Ring Random Packing
Size: 2inch 3inch
Quantity: 40m3

After communicating with the customer and meeting the requirements of the customer's tower design, the SS316 Pall ring supplied by Jiangxi OIM arrived at the customer's factory successfully . Customers received our products and are very satisfied with our quality and professional services. They were so happy and shared with us the photos of picking up the goods from the seaport. At the same time, they also unloaded the pall ring and stacked them at their plant site , waiting for installation. We're looking forward to receive the photos of installation our pall ring and subsequent feedback.
The metal Pall ring packing from Jiangxi OIM Chemical has the characteristics of low pressure drop, large flux and high efficiency. Compared with the Pall ring of similar size, OIM Chemical’s packing has lower pressure drop and higher mass transfer efficiency. And the liquid is well distributed in the packing layer.
Application: Suitable for various separation, absorption, desorption devices, atmospheric and vacuum devices, synthetic amine decarburization, desulfurization systems, ethylbenzene separation, isooctane, toluene separation, etc.


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