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Carbon Raschig Ring

  • Product:Carbon Raschig Ring
  • Brand: OIM
  • Origin of city: Pingxiang city, China
  • Shelf time: 3-5 years
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It is also called Graphite Raschig ring packing. Which is abbreviated as graphite ring. It is a kind of high-quality, high-temperature resistant, hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, and strong alkali chemical packing with the same circle and diameter of graphite material. The use temperature is up to 200℃, can withstand hydrofluoric acid below 48% concentration, and has good corrosion resistance to nitric acid, sulfuric acid, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, strong acid and alkaline substances, and most organic salts, solvents, etc.

Technical Parameter:
Model: Carbon Raschig Ring
Shape: Ring
Color: Black
Diameter mm 25*25*4.5
Acid resistance wt% 30 wt% HCL
Alkalin resistance wt% 10% wt% NaOH
Carbon content wt% 90
Ash content wt% <5
Shore hardness / >100
Porosity rate wt% <1.5
Crushing strength Mpa >85
Number per m3 pcs 46200
Bulk density kg/m3 560
Specific surface area m2/m3 160

It is used in practical applications such as gas absorption, acid gas desorption, scrubber, regeneration tower, fertilizer production, etc. It can also be used as packing in propane stripper and acid gas absorber, in alkylation, reforming, etc. In the furnace and tower of petrochemical equipment, it is used in equipment in industries such as purification, absorption, condensation, distillation, evaporation, filtration and washing of highly corrosive materials.
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