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Silica Alumina Gel Type H

  • Product:Silica Alumina Gel Type H
  • Brand: OIM
  • Origin of city: Pingxiang city, China
  • Shelf time: 3-5 years
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It is chemically stable, non-flammable, and insoluble in any solvents except strong and hydrofluoric acid. Compared with fine-pored silica gel, the low-humidity adsorption capacity is equivalent (such as RH=10%, RH=20%), but the high-humidity adsorption capacity (such as RH=80%, RH=90%) is 6-10 higher than that of fine-pored silica gel, the thermal stability (200℃) is higher than that of fine-pored silica gel by more than 150℃, which is very suitable for temperature swing adsorbent and separating agent.

Technical Parameter:
Properties Unit Data
Color - Light yellow
Shape - sphere
SiO2 content wt% ≥97
Al2O3 content wt% ≤3
Pore volume cm3/g ≥0.45
Average Pore Diameter nm ≥2.5
Particle Size mm 1~3mm;2~5mm;2~4mm;3~5mm
Attrition Loss wt% ≤0.05
Adsorption capacity wt% RH=10% ≥5.5
  wt% RH=20% ≥9.0
  wt% RH=40% ≥19.5
  wt% RH=80% ≥44.0
Bulk density g/l ≥700
Surface area m2/g ≥650
Crush strength N/pc ≥200
Moisture content wt% ≤3.0
Water resistance wt% No

Used to separate flammable hydrocarbons from natural gas, reduce the dew point of hydrocarbons, and produce natural gas gasoline. The natural gas is also dried. If water droplets appear in the separation system, about 20% (weight ratio) of GC-W silica-alumina gel should be added as a protective layer.

25kg/compound bag: 150kg steel drum; 800kg super sack.  

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