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Orange Silica Gel

  • Product:Orange Silica Gel
  • Brand: OIM
  • Origin of city: Pingxiang city, China
  • Shelf time: 3-5 years
  • Payment of terms: TT, L/C, Western Union etc
  • Delivery of terms: By sea, by air, railways, land etc
  • Shipment terms: FCA, FOB, CFR, DAP etc
  • Delivery time: 3-7 days for common product;
  •                        Over 10 days for customized product.

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Orange silica gel is a kind of color-changed silica gel.The main component of orange silica gel is silica,and its color changes with different humidity. In addition to the performance of blue silica gel, it also has the advantages of no cobalt chloride, non-toxic, odorless,and harmless.

Technical Parameter:
Properties Unit Data
Color - Faint yellow
Shape - glass-like pellets or lumps
SiO2 content wt% ≥97
Average pore diameter nm 2.0-3.0
Size mm 2~4, 3~5, 4~8, customized
Loss on heating wt% ≤1
Adsorption capacity wt% RH=10% ≥6.0
  wt% RH=20% ≥10.0(light brown yellow)
  wt% RH=40% ≥20.0(light brown green)
  wt% RH=60% ≥32.0(light dark green)
  wt% RH=80% ≥35.0
Bulk density g/l 750-800
Pore volume ml/g 0.32~0.4
Specific surface area
m2/g 700-800
Moisture content % ≤3.0

●Precision instruments, medicine, petrochemicals, food, clothing, leather, home appliances and other industrial gases
● Indicating desiccant & dehumidifier

25kg plastic bag
800kg super sack
150kg steel drum

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